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Submitted on
December 19, 2013


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| Transmission Date: 06-27-2055      |
| Transmission Time: 13:38:00 hours  |
| Transmission Source: Stratix      |

The Dragon Awakens

After a joint meeting at the capital with SCC, the D.H.R. Government called all reserve and national guard service members of all military branches to active duty under an emergency order issued the other day. The details are still considered classified and not much has been trickled down. Shipyard facility's tasked with construction of Tachyon and Chroniton sensor arrays have doubled there work force as they now operate around the clock. Patrols out in the frontier worlds has more then quadrupled What makes the situation worry civilians is ontop of this Chani has started recruiting many, many more scientists and government grants have tripled for science related fields. Last but not least, all inbound traffic aside SCC and Coalition for the mean time has been declined. Gun and ammo sales have seemingly gone up, as the people worry about the announcement of an urgency with a lack of details. The once sleeping dragon is seemingly starting to awake, but for what and why no one really knows. Stay tuned for more as we get it.
GratefulReflex Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good stuff, looking forward to more from the DHR news station.
As do I. Quality reporting is always appreciated. :)
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