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Submitted on
December 24, 2013


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| Transmission Date: 06-32-2055      |
| Transmission Time: 09:40:00 hours  |
| Transmission Source: Stratix      |

Gears into motion

It seems the government continues to prepare, and assemble in reaction to the many solar sail weapon delivery vehicles that tried to enter SCC space. The Stand To alert in which all reserve and national guard units of all military branches continues, as the moons in the Stratix star system are now being used for many war games as fighting forces hone there skills in preparations for mass action. Aswell, there have been many military parades going on for the first time since on EARTH before DHR, back then known as Unified Germany, entered war with Russia during the Exodus war. 

The following is a parade on New Babylon, in the Adonis star system: 

Industry has gone up drastically, as a massive order for FTL capable cruiser sized troop transports was placed, Vehicle production rises, star-ship construction yards now have double shifts and the Star Rangers have entered a recruiting screening operation never before seen as the DHR seems to Set its Gears into motion. So if you are seeking employment and want to work for DoD or industrial Company's, now is the time to send in your resume. As for the three massive objects that had left the links-mine star system that we reported in Shifting Pieces, Officials refuse to speak on it, and no one can seemingly spot where they went. One can only wonder what that was about.

GratefulReflex Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
good lord that's not a parade that's an invasion force!
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