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Robot Soldiers by DrakenhothRepublik Robot Soldiers by DrakenhothRepublik
While it is no secret DHR invested at hour zero in robotics, it was originally for tireless workers to help build the nation. Over time, projects like the gun loader style contraptions to UAV style battlefield assists ( recon, surveillance ). For the first time however, the use of robotics to create synthetic infantry has begun. Each one is built with an internally housed PSU device developed on DIN, and the project over all was conceived by General Phrozone. In five years it is estimated that every active duty infantry platoon will have at-least several of these as a force multiplier. 

The project consists of two types. Soldiers, and commandos. Soldiers are built completely from the factory since day one, while commandos are special forces troopers from the star rangers who were grievously wounded beyond repair. Much like the scenario that befell General Phrozone. Of which, the commando procedure is practically a mass produced variant of. To put into perspective reflecting at a gundem metaphore, like how the Talgeese was first, then mobile dolls came after, they do not quite compare to the original due to there mass produced nature. The commandos aswell have a more life likeness to themselves, as they once served as a living flesh and blood trooper, and each one is different then the other and more then often retains the same face crafted in image to there original.

It might be noted that while they are completely synthetic, hack jobs are still rather difficult on them as they have automatic cut off features that prevents any connection from anything that do-sent fit the Cypher-text, Freq-hop codex inside of it. On the first go. And any attempts to wireless connect to them are immediately blared out to the secure network as they then actively seek out the source so higher can demolish it. 

Weaknesses? There mechanical yes, but there still infantry. Just a bit harder to deal with, as they do not tire, are un affected by disease, do not hunger, and do not thirst.

Left, Battle Damaged
Middle, Cav Scout(fistor)
Right, Grunt

Far right, Cy.SF.
Screamingmaddog5521 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
You better keep those things on a very short leish or we're looking at terminators
DrakenhothRepublik Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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December 21, 2013
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