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Gui Xiu SCP Star System by DrakenhothRepublik Gui Xiu SCP Star System by DrakenhothRepublik

Space. It is endless, with uncountable stars and even more un countable worlds. Uncountable forms, life, possibilitys and arrangements. Of just about, anything. Yet one might find life as they know it, according to scientific laws, normal. But there comes a time when you run across something that no matter how much you try to use science, you simply cant find an explanation for. Weither rummaging through a deleric star ship from a race long past, ancient civilization ruins on a random world or just out in the middle of no where during the middle of the night.

This star system has been purposed for only one thing. To contain strange, and anomalis creatures stumbled upon within and around D.H.R. Space. Sometimes much farther away, mostly for study. No one is permitted to enter the starsystem, and anyone not approaching on a cleared SCP ship will preaty much be engaged without warning. However, depending. It is rumoured that other star nations may or may not dump off there anomalous creatures and objects off here. Weither that is true or not is un known.

(1) {redacted}

(2) Darkwolf Rhandit, Father to Counsler Rowan and at the time, head of the D.H.R. Special forces, was re assigned by Deneb Alucard Himself to be head of the Gui Xiu star system. He assessed the defenses and how things are ran and what critters and objects were interned there. Of which he later re arranged some things, made new regulations, and had I.P.S. selected as the new name. Later on he had meetings with officials of other friendly star nations to try and get them in on the whole ordeal and expand the Organizations operations to outside  D.H.R. Borders.

So far those who have been approached are xxxx And xxxx.

DHR has started a small program. A Doctor is to be selected from various factions in xxxx to work here. Purpose, to study and experiment on items stored on world.

Note: Even if the star system sheet shows no defenses, they do exist. The star system is perhaps even more heavily guarded then Stratix Itself due to the nature of the -cargo- here. 

Note 2 : I do not own the actual SCP site, or it's contents. This is just a fan dillieo / easter egg for the Sci FI RP i am in. :P 

Unknown -… - Currently loose on world.…;

A declassified explanation by Commanding General Darkwolf Rhandit to other top brass members of other participating star nations:…


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January 19, 2014
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